Results 2017



This year there have been many changes in how students in Year 11 are assessed in their GCSE examinations. For English and Maths, grades have moved from A-G to 9-1. Examinations have become more rigorous and controlled assessment is no longer part of the English exam.

This summer is the first time students sat the new English and Maths GCSE. Throughout the year schools across the country have struggled to predict and assess what students will achieve as no grade boundaries were in place. The new system has led to confusion for students, parents and schools alike.

With these national changes, year on year comparisons of attainment are not appropriate and headline progress measures will be unavailable until the official performance tables are released. As Headteachers in Stevenage, we continue to work hard in our own schools and together as a family of schools, to raise achievement and improve the life chances of every single student in our care. This year we want to celebrate the individual success of each and every student.

Headteacher, Mark Lewis, said “We are very proud of our students’ achievements.  Students and staff have responded superbly well to the changes in the GCSE system and these results are due to the hard work and commitment of all members of the Thomas Alleyne community.”

Alex Baranova secured the new top grade 9 in mathematics,awarded to only 2% of students in the country, alongside eight other good GCSE grades, including five at grade A and A*.  She said “I feel great.  The teachers here helped me lots to achieve such good grades and I’m so pleased that all my hard work was worth it.”

Esther Knell achieved grade 8 mathematics, 7 in English language and five grade As in her nine excellent GCSE results.  Esther said “I’m over the moon!  I’m really glad as it means I can continue my studies at A-level.  I can’t wait.”

Connor Ellwood has secured nine good GCSE grades, including a 7 in mathematics, 6 in English language and English literature and four A grades. He said “I feel really good.  The stress has finally gone! My hard work has really paid off and I’m now looking forward to starting my A-levels at Thomas Alleyne’s in September.”

Vita Dovydova’s nine good GCSEs include grade 8 English language, 7 in maths and English Literature and four grade A and A*. Vita said  “I’m so excited that now I know I can take all my A-level choices here at Alleyne’s next term.  I’m so pleased with how well I’ve done.”

Lucy Godbeer achieved an 8 in mathematics, 6s in English language and English literature and 4 grade As in an excellent set of results. Lucy said “I’m particularly happy with my maths grade and I can go to sixth form here now, confident that I’ll be as well supported in my A-levels as I have been in my GCSEs.”

Bethany Wood has achieved four grade As, and 7s in English and English language amongst her nine good grades. Bethany said “I’m so happy with my amazing results.  I can’t wait to continue my studies in the sixth form at Alleyne’s next term now.”




Staff and students at Thomas Alleyne Academy are today celebrating another year of improvements in A-level results.

The number of top grades A*- B achieved by students increased to 36%, an increase of nine percentage points on last year. This year, 99% of Thomas Alleyne Academy A-level results were at grades A*- E.

Mark Lewis, Headteacher, Thomas Alleyne Academy, said:

“We are delighted that all of our sixth formers have secured university or higher apprenticeship places of their choice. These results reward the hard work and careful planning of students and staff at Thomas Alleyne.”

Julie Lewis, Head of Sixth form, Thomas Alleyne Academy, also welcomed the results:

“We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements in a year that has seen most A-level subjects undergo reforms.”

Among the Thomas Alleyne Academy students celebrating their A-level results today was Joanne Balharrie, who achieved grades A*AB, and who has accepted a place at Oxford Brookes University to study English. Joanne commented:

“I’ve had a fantastic experience studying my A-levels at Thomas Alleyne’s – everyone was so supportive. If I had to go through it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing and I can’t wait to go to Oxford Brookes now that I’ve got the results I needed. I’m so excited.”

Science student Chloe Tayler, who achieved grades BBC, is pleased that her grades have secured her a higher apprenticeship with a local pharmaceutical company. Chloe commented on her time at Thomas Alleyne Academy:

“It was such an easy transition when I started my studies here at Thomas Alleyne’s – I had all the resources I needed and so much more. I’m so pleased that I’m now going to be moving into the real world to put into practice everything that I’ve been working on over the past two years.”

Matthew Hall, who achieved grades AAB, is also proud to have secured a place at Loughborough University to study history commented:

“Taking my A-levels has been a long but worthwhile journey and I’m delighted that I’ve achieved all the grades I need so that I’m able to take the next steps into higher education.”

Among other notable achievements of A-level students at Thomas Alleyne was student Mary Knight. Mary achieved significantly above her target grades and is now planning to study English at Greenwich University. Mary commented:

“I had so much support during my time in sixth form here to make sure that I had everything I needed to get into my first choice of university and I can’t wait to start my course next month.”


GCSEs 2016: The Thomas Alleyne Academy

Staff and students at Stevenage’s Thomas Alleyne Academy are once again celebrating as year 11 students receive their GCSE results.

Under the rigorous new progress measures introduced this year, Thomas Alleyne students exceeded expectations with half of students getting grades A*-C in both English and mathematics.

Mark Lewis, Head Teacher, said that “These results confirm Ofsted’s judgement that we are a good school that continues to rapidly improve. We have delivered against the new progress measures introduced by this government and our results have improved significantly against last year’s performance.”

Among the most notable performances were Nicole Brown and Daniel Zeng who both achieved 7 grades A*-A. Nicole said: “I’m so happy and relieved that I got good results – five years of hard work has really paid off. I’d like to thank all of my teachers at Thomas Alleynes – they helped me a lot and definitely believed in me. The support and quality of teaching has been fantastic, it has all contributed to me getting these results and I feel so grateful to the school for that.”

Sarah Cuffe and Akhila Shaji were also celebrating as they achieved 6 grades A*-A, along with Darren Darby who achieved 5 grades A*-A. Sarah said: “I was absolutely terrified last night about receiving my results, but they’ve gone really well – better than expected. I’d like to eventually go on to do veterinary science at university, so these grades have set me up well to get there.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Thomas Alleynes, it’s been amazing, I’ve made so many friends here and have great memories from the past five years.”

Mark Lewis added: “We would like to extend our congratulations to all our students. These results reflect the hard work and dedication of our students, and the support they received from their parents and our staff. We look forward to continuing to work with our students as they progress onto the excellent post-16 A-Level, vocational and apprenticeship programmes delivered through our wider partnership with North Hertfordshire College.”

Thomas Alleyne Academy celebrates record A-level results and bucks the national trend

Students at the Thomas Alleyne Academy are celebrating record A-level results today and reaping the rewards of all their hard work and careful revision.

There is additional cause to celebrate because 100% of Thomas Alleyne students who applied to university have got into their first choice of course.

Julie Lewis, head of sixth form said: “With an A-level pass rate of 98% we are delighted and proud to say that all of our students who have applied to university or higher apprenticeships have secured places of their choice. The AS-level pass rate has increased to 93% this academic year and we are looking forward to welcoming our students into year 13. We are particularly proud of the higher grades our A-level students have achieved, which have improved by over 25% this year - at a time when the national trend over the last three years has remained fairly static.”

Notable high achievers are Jacob Miller, who has accepted a place at the University of Essex to study politics, he commented on his time at the Academy: “At every point I’ve been given great support and guidance. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to do – I didn’t have a goal in mind. I was given the space and support to figure out what interested me, and once I had figured it out I had more motivation to do well. That really helped me to achieve these grades – an A, a B and a C.

“I’m also really grateful for the help I received when applying for university. The teachers here took me through my options, helped me to identify the most suitable university and guided me through the application process and writing my personal statement. Going to university to study politics has now become reality – I can’t wait.”

Reflecting on his time at the Academy Graham Picket, who held the post of head boy in 2015, noted that: “Everything from the teaching to the extracurricular activities have been excellent at Thomas Alleyne. My role as head boy and working with student parliament helped me to gain confidence, which in turn strengthened my academic ability.

“I’ve been through a lot and had numerous setbacks, but I’m pleased to say that I got two As and a C, and I got accepted into my first-choice university – Leicester. I had to wait until today to plan the rest of my life, so now I can actually develop my ambitions for the future.”

Mark Lewis, Headteacher, said: “We are delighted with our students’ results. We have seen huge improvements in our sixth form provision which has been the result of excellent teaching, dedicated students and our innovative study skills programme which aims to enhance a range of skills designed to develop independent thinking and problem solving.

“On this happy day, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students on their outstanding success and to thank them for their commitment to our community and the work they have done for younger students in helping others to aim high and succeed.”

June 2016

Over the past months Thomas Alleyne’s has had 16 Year 5 students attend to complete a CREST Award in Science. The students; 8 from St Nich-las and 8 from Woolenwick Primary Schools have done 3 full days of secondary style education completing their Bronze CREST Award. All the students were a credit to their school and thoroughly enjoyed their time here. Each one stated how they were really excited to move to secondary school, to be able to do more Science!

The days included activities such as calculating the calories in different types of food (by burning it), testing food for each type of nutrient, concocted some homemade red cabbage indicator to test pH, researched and investigated pollution and CO2 production and finally used a host of different methods to measure fitness. All students also produced posters, written plans for investigations and graphs of their work; we were amazed at the skills they showed. This shows how hard they work, how they value their education and the hard work they do week in week out in their schools. On each of the days we tried to ensure that the students did something exciting, fun and along an overall theme, but the emphasis of the Award was around the relevance of Science to our everyday lives. Everything we did tied into the Curriculum at KS2 and 3, so all students had some knowledge of the concepts we were covering. It was wonderful to see how they already enjoyed and had an interest in Science, but were also keen to learn something new.

The last day of the three was used to hand out the certificates to the students and present them with their prizes; Ms Wellings kindly provided each school with an explosion Science set that they could take back to their schools. This will hopefully enthuse their classmates to take part in more Science outside the classroom, because as we all know it is amazing and should be celebrated.

June 2016

Over 250,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Junior Maths challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving a gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze. Our winners are:

Jago Foord and John Madgin are also invited to sit a follow-on competition, the Junior Kangaroo.

Congratulations to all the winners.

24th June 2016

On Friday 24th June TAA held it's annual Sports Day down at Ridlins Athletics Stadium. All students had selected one run, throw and jump prior to the event to participate in. We were fortunate with the weather and all students seemed to have a great day. The house athletics competition on the day was won by Darwin with a total of 1926 points. Congratulations to everyone who participated on the day.

22nd June 2016

On Wednesday 22nd June A Level students visited Stevenage Magistrates’ Court. The visit embedded learning in the first year of A Level Law and helped under-pin the modules students have covered. Please see be-low an extract of the letter the students wrote to the court clerk thanking them for this invaluable opportunity:

We would like to thank you for the opportunity afforded to us today to attend court and listen to cases heard by Magistrates and District Judges. We found the experience enlightening as we have been studying the theoretical aspects including cases normally heard in Magistrates’ Court, such as ‘summary offences’ and also the more serious offences of burglary and drug related offences. Observing the practice at the Court today enabled us to observe Court Etiquette and look at the role of Court Personnel. We found the visit inspiring and it has definitely encouraged our ambition to pursue a career in law.”

21st June 2016

On Tuesday 21st June we welcomed Corporal Vivienne Mwamba and Corporal Elvis Annor from the Armed Forces, Adjutant General Cor AGC. The AGC are the Army’s Business, HR and Finance Specialists. In the workshops delivered by the AGC, students practised their team work, leadership, management and problem solving skills. The Corporals divided students in-to groups where each group was allocated a specific task and they had to appoint a Senior Commandant. The SC was required to split his ‘patrol team’ in to sub-divisions. Each division had to memorise a certain section of a map which was shown to them for 90 seconds. The ‘soldiers’ would have to negotiate the terrain on land during a ‘night patrol’ so it was important to memorise landmarks, roads and camps. All teams were extremely observant and paid great attention to detail. The winning teams were awarded prizes and it was a great morning of collaboration and competitive-ness. The result of the exercise was very close and all teams performed extremely well in the timed tasks and observation tests. The proficiencies learnt in the morning’s session will enhance students’ confidence, resilience and perseverance and are all skills that they will require at university and beyond.

17th June 2016

On Friday 17th June Franklin house held their annual charity day. Lunch time was filled with activities and stalls galore around the school run by enthusiastic students. Ice creams and lollies sold in their masses, whilst other students paid to see their teachers being ‘pied in the face’. Other activities involved a raffle and a penalty shoot-out. The weather just about held up for a very successful event raising over £400 for our nominated charity. Well done Franklin house!

13th June 2016

On Monday 13th June the Year 9 Cricket team played a home fixture against John Henry Newman (JHN). In cloudy, damp conditions both teams were keen to bowl first, unfortunately JHN won the toss and elected us to bat first. Tom Vits (43 not out) and Maxwell Imina (4) started the innings strongly followed up by Rudy Clifton (16) Jacob Grundy (3) and Sam Bridgman (10 not out) with 17 extras giving TAA a healthy total of 93 to defend.

TAA took a while to get in to the bowling however, the four attack bowlers of Sam Bridgman (1 wicket for 20 runs), James Murray (1 wicket for 25 runs), Tom Vits (3 wickets for 11 runs) and Rudy Clifton (1 wicket for 16 runs) came good at the end of the game keeping JHN to a total of 77 of their 16 overs and TAA keeping their winning streak going. Well done Year 9’s, keep it up!

NHC and Da Vinci Studio Schools Combine


NHC and Da Vinci Studio Schools combine to boost creative and STEM offer in Herts


Following a thorough review of their position, the Da Vinci Studio Schools will close in the summer of 2017 having supported the current year 10 cohort to complete year 11 in 2016/17.

September 2016, the vast majority of post-16 programmes currently delivered by the two schools will be merged into NHC. A-level science and maths courses will be delivered by Thomas Alleyne’s Academy.

The many positives and lessons learnt from the experience of the two schools will be taken forward as NHC revitalise the offer in two hugely important industry sectors.


From September 2016 North Hertfordshire College will assume responsibility for delivery of the sixth form creative arts, science and engineering programmes currently offered by the Da Vinci Studio Schools.


The two Schools will close in summer of 2017 having supported a final cohort of Year 11 students to complete their secondary education. Neither School will accept new Year 10 students in September 2016.


NHC will assume responsibility for delivery of occupationally-focussed post-16 programmes, whilst A-level science and mathematics courses will move into Thomas Alleyne’s Academy in Stevenage.


Students currently in Year 12 at the Da Vinci Schools will be offered places at NHC or Thomas Alleyne to complete their studies in 2016-17. Those currently in Year 11 will be offered the opportunity to progress into NHC or Thomas Alleyne. Students who wish to consider progression options elsewhere will be provided with all the support they need to make the right decision for them.


Of the move, Mark Lewis, Managing Director of the Hart Schools Trust, said:

“We took to decision to close the Da Vinci Studio Schools following a thorough review of the tremendous work they’ve done, but also the real challenges they’ve faced. We are confident that the decision we have taken will enable us to deliver a revitalised and sustainable post-16 offer in the creative arts, science and engineering subject areas through NHC.

Our first priority now is to make sure that all current Da Vinci students are clear on their options and comfortable with their progression routes for 2016/17. We’re committed to providing a great experience to those students progressing into what will be the Schools’ final Year 11 cohort.

We’re incredibly fortunate that our relationship with NHC has enabled us to carry forward the best of the Da Vinci Schools’ work into a revitalised post-16 offer delivered through the same fantastic facilities that the Schools are currently using.”


Matt Hamnett, NHC Principal and CEO of the Hart Learning Group which supports the College, Schools Trust and Hart Learning & Development, said:

“Whilst it is a real shame that the Studio Schools will close in the summer of 2017 we will take forward many positives, insights and lessons from the Schools as we embrace their post-16 provision in NHC.

We are really looking forward to delivering a revitalised post-16 offer in the creative arts and engineering sectors, both of which are hugely important to the Hertfordshire economy. We’ll make further announcements in the weeks and months to come about the inventive ways in which we intend to develop our offer in each sector area.

We remain keen to work with schools across North Hertfordshire to inform and inspire students about the career and progression pathways open to them in these and other industry sectors.”


The news comes a week after NHC launched a bold progression guarantee for new 16-18 year old study programme students.


If students consistently attend college, abide by the code of conduct and successfully complete their main qualification, NHC will guarantee them progression into a job, apprenticeship or further learning at the college or in higher education.

If students meet their side of the bargain but do not progress within six months of completing their study programme, the College will give them £1,000 to help them kick-start their journey into the world of work.

More information on the guarantee, which reflects the College’s commitment to help students get where they want to be in life, can be found here:


100% Pass rate for A Level students!

Students at the Thomas Alleyne are celebrating their A-level results today and reaping the rewards of all their hard work and careful revision.

Thomas Alleyne Students have achieved a 100% pass rate at A Level, above the national average.

Notable high achievers are Esme Barrington and Joseph Timoney Smith both of whom have achieved an A and two Bs. Esme is progressing to Manchester University to study English Literature and Creative Writing. Joseph will continue his studies in Politics and International Relations at York University.

To read our full press release on our A Level results, please click here.

If you would like to see our full results breakdown, please click here.

Press Release 13 August 2015

Students at the Thomas Alleyne are celebrating their A-level results today and reaping the rewards of all their hard work and careful revision.

Thomas Alleyne Students have achieved a 100% pass rate at A Level, above the national average.

Notable high achievers are Esme Barrington and Joseph Timoney Smith (pictured) both of whom have achieved an A and two Bs. Esme is progressing to Manchester University to study English Literature and Creative Writing. Joseph will continue his studies in Politics and International Relations at York University.

Reflecting on her time at the Academy Esme, who had alsoheld the post on head girl in 2014, noted that: ‘I worked hard and received lots of support from my teachers but especially from my Head of Sixth Form. I really enjoyed my time at Thomas Alleyne and am proud of what I have achieved.’

Speaking after receiving his results Joseph said: ‘I achieved this through large amounts of hard work, both on the part of the school and myself. My time at Thomas Alleyne has been fantastic as I feel I may not have grown as well academically without the help of my teachers and fellow students’

Julia Flanagan, Principal of the Academy commented, ‘we are delighted with our students’ results. The Academy provides a strong focus on personal best and our study skills programme, for A Level students, aims toenhance a range of skills designed to develop independent thinking and problem solving. This can be seen in the results our students have achieved in their Extended Project Qualification, taken alongside their A Levels. 100% of students achieved a successful outcome with 61% of students achieving grades A*-B.’

Mark Lewis, Managing Director of the Schools Trust sponsored by North Hertfordshire College said: “We are delighted that so many of our students have achieved the results required to move to their next destination of choice.  Through the support of our sponsor, North Hertfordshire College, we have been able to provide outstanding guidance and support for our post-16 students who have been expertly prepared for their chosen pathway.  These results confirm theOfsted judgement that Thomas Alleyne Academy has a ‘good’ Sixth Form with ‘outstanding’ leadership and management.  We look forward to building on these successes as we continue our transformation into an outstanding academy.’


Ofsted 2015

We are delighted to announce that The Thomas Alleyne Academy has been rated a "good" school with "outstanding leadership and management" by Ofsted.  Please click here to view the Ofsted report in full.

Press release - to view our Ofsted press release please click here.

To see the Stevenage Comet article please click here.

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