The policies and processes we adhere to at The Thomas Alleyne Academy can be viewed or downloaded from the list below.

POLICY  Last Review   Review Period   Summary  
Anti Bullying    Feb'18  3 years The academy's strategy to minimise the occurrences of bullying and the procedures for dealing with any incidents that do occur.   
Attendance and Punctuality Policy   Jan'17 2 years  The academy's expectations of for attendance and punctuality.  
Behaviour for Learning Policy   Sep'17  Annual How the academy will use the Code of Expectation, positive classroom behaviour management and the use of rewards to promote good behaviour and attitudes.  
Charges Refunds and Remissions Policy  Mar'18 3 years  Summary of charges and procedures for refunds and remissions.  
Child Looked After Policy   Mar'17 3 years  The ethos of the academy in its approach to meeting the needs of looked after children and the procedures that will ensure participation in high quality teaching and learning and in making good or accelerated progress.  
Child Protection Policy  Mar'18  Annual How the school ensures the safety, protection and care of every child in the school, promotes their welfare and develops their ability to keep themselves safe  
Complaints Policy   Feb'18  2 years This sets out the procedures for making complaints and what a complainant can expect to happen as a consequence. This is a Hart Schools Trust Policy  
Data Protection Policy   Mar'17  2 years How the Hart Schools Trust complies with the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as per the principles of data protection, as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (from May'18)  
E-safety Policy including Data Protection   May'12 2 years  Our eSafety Policy is based on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning exemplar policy (with acknowledgement to LGfL, SWGfL and Bristol City Council) and Becta guidance.  
Freedom of Information Policy   2012  Under review This is the Thomas Alleyne School Publication Scheme on information available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for which the  Governing Body is responsible for maintenance of this scheme. This policy is under review as part of preparation for the new GDPR from May 2018.   
Freedom of Speech Policy    Sep'17 3 years   

Code of Practice issued by Hart Schools Trust in accordance with Section 43 Education (No 2) Act 1986. The code is concerned with ensuring that all students and employees of the Trust, and visiting speakers, have freedom of speech within the law.

Health and Safety Policy   Aug'17 2 years  It is the policy of the Hart Schools Trust to operate in the safest practicable manner, consistent with statutory requirements and good practice. Our Health and Safety Policy outlines the responsibilities of the staff at The Thomas Alleyne Academy and wider Group.  
Off-site Visits and Learning Outside the Classroom Policy    May'17 2 years     
 Pupil Premium here    Annual A breakdown of how much Pupil Premium Funding the Academy receives and how it approaches and prioritises the allocation of funding for Pupil Premium students to ensure equality of opportunity.  Click for more information on our Pupil Premium page.  
 Prevent Policy  Jul'17 2 years  The aim of this strategy is to develop an awareness of Prevent in our Academies and recognise current practice which contributes to the Prevent agenda.  
Risk Management Policy      This policy forms part of the Trust’s internal control and corporate governance arrangements.  The policy explains the underlying approach to risk management, documents the roles and responsibilities of the Trust, the Senior Postholders and other key parties.  It also outlines key aspects of the risk management process and identifies the main reporting procedures.  In addition, it describes the process the Trust will use to evaluate the effectiveness of the internal control procedures.  
Safeguarding Policy Feb'18   2 years This policy has been created in order that the many elements of academy safeguarding practices and procedures are included in one document for ease of reference. This policy has been adapted from HCC Model Safeguarding Policy.  
Special Educational Needs Policy   Sep'17 Annual This policy sets out how the academy identifies and monitors students with Special Educational Needs and how it provides additional support in order to meet their individual needs  
Sex and Relationship Education   Feb'17  2 years This policy provides guidance and information on how the academy meets the requirements of the 1996 Education Act with regard to Sex and Relationships Education  
Supporting Students with Medical Needs   Jan'18  3 years The Hart Schools Trust is committed to ensuring that all children and young people with medical conditions, in terms of both physical and mental health, are properly supported in school so that they can play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.  
Whistleblowing Policy  Nov'16 2 years  This procedure has been produced by the Human Resources department, and is intended to provide safeguards to enable individuals to raise concerns about malpractice in connection with the Hart Learning Group (incorporating Hart Schools Trust).  

Privacy Notice for Students

Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers

    The Hart Schools Trust is a data controller for the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Act (May 18). These privacy notices explains how and why we collect data, what we do with it, and what rights parents and students have.   
Value for Money Statement         
Leave of Absence Form      Parents should complete this form to request authorised absence. Please refer to the Attendance and Punctuality policy for more information on what will be authorised.